Welcome to Peanut and Bumble!

We create modern, cheerful clothing for your kids as part of the slow fashion movement.
Our pieces are ethically made-to-order, using small batch production of thoughtfully designed pieces.
All of our items are made lovingly in Canada.

Peanut and Bumble is a multi-dimensional clothing brand created for little ones with big imaginations.
We offer sustainably produced, easy-to-style basics and creative prints that your kids will love and you'll feel great about. When you shop with us, you help lower the fast fashion industry's global impact - a benefit which increases the long-term standard of living for kids (and parents!) everywhere.

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Robot Dress
  • Inspiring

    Sustainability is at the core of
    everything we do. Our hope is to inspire littles and parents to create eco-conscious decisions for a better world.

  • Impactful

    We believe in leveraging our brand to support our community in creative ways as a force for positive change. Introducing Grumaloos - one of the ways we intentionally reduce our waste, while inspiring imagination.

  • Inclusive

    Clothing that challenges gender norms and provokes imagination. We design pieces that your kids will fall in love with.