About Us

Our Story

Peanut and Bumble was created as a way to share the values we felt were missing from traditional kids clothing brands. Our aim is to create a dynamic brand that inspires children and sparks imagination, while focusing on community and creating a positive global impact.

We curate imagination-inspiring prints that are genderless and celebrate your little ones’ individual taste. Each piece feels special but can - and should - be worn every day. We take pride in using comfortable, sustainable fabrics that your kids will fall in love with. We choose designs and colours kids get excited about, in the comfiest fabrics we can find.

Our goal is to create children’s clothing that sparks joy and eases daily wardrobe struggles by offering kids clothes they can't resist. We often hear about little ones who pull their Peanut and Bumble items out of the hamper because they just don't want to wear anything else! Mission accomplished.

After many repeated requests, we recently launched our adult line for the parents who love to match their littles or for those who just love fun, quirky clothing that is also incredibly comfortable!

How We're Changing the Industry

We believe everything we do can have a significant positive impact. From how we source our fabrics, to carefully curating patterns and prints that all kids can love. 
We value quality of life in all steps of our supply chain.

Our garments are made in Canada by home-based sewists who love what they do and get paid a fair wage. While most of our tags, thread and notions are sourced domestically, due to Canada's sparse raw textile industry, we source most of our fabrics overseas. We're picky about who we work with, and ensure our suppliers also share our commitment to fair treatment and sustainability. Manufacturing locally is one of our top priorities, but we're thrilled to also be a part of a global change for human and environmental sustainability. Unlike most apparel companies, we do not ship any of our products in plastic bags. Everything from our hangtags to our postcards, shopping bags and mailers are made with compostable, recycled or recyclable material.

Meet Our Founder

When I started the company in 2020, it was in the midst of so much unknown. I was a new mom of two, one who had just turned 1, and all I wanted to do was bring more joy to the world to combat the darkness that seemed to be spreading. With a technical background in engineering, I loved creating items and admiring art, and making clothing was the perfect merger of the two (check out our STEM print - it's my favourite!)

I threw around a lot of potential names for the business, but nothing felt as right as naming it after my own two kids. Working from their nicknames, Peanut and Bumble the brand was born, encompassing the joy, humour and quirkiness of raising two independent and unique little humans in an ever changing world. 

Overall, my goal is to make it easy for your kids to choose clothing that is fun, comfortable and helps makes the world a better place.

Thank you for choosing local, sustainably-made clothing, where each piece is hand-made with love. Your support truly means the world to me. ♥


Owner and Founder
Peanut & Bumble