Introducing Grumaloos

Grumaloos are one of the ways we intentionally reduce our waste. These whimsical stuffed toys are made entirely of our fabric scraps. These quirky cuddle companions are a hit with children of all ages. The outer shells and faces are made from the larger pieces of unusable fabric and the insides are stuffed with smaller pieces, so that nothing goes to waste. Because Grumaloos are made from leftover pieces of fabric, they're each unique and have their own individual look! Because of their uniqueness, they're currently only sold in person at markets so that customers can choose their perfect fit. They're sold by donation (suggested $15), and all of the profits are donated to a local charity. Currently we're donating to the Calgary Women's Emergency Shelter. At Peanut & Bumble we believe that healthy, happy kids come from healthy, happy environments, and we are so proud to support the incredible work this organization is doing in our community.