Where are you located?

Peanut and Bumble is a family-run company with all items sewn in Calgary, AB. We currently ship only within Canada, but would love to hear from you if you're international so we can plan to expand to additional areas!

Where can I buy Peanut and Bumble?

Currently, our items are available online through our website or through local pop-up markets. Stay tuned on our social media pages for updates on where and when you can find us in person!


How Do I Care for My Items?

Cold water wash on a gentle cycle, and don't mix your lights with your colours. Hang to dry is best (for your item and for the environment), but we also understand that you're a busy parent! If you can't hang dry, a tumble dry on LOW is next best - just expect shrinkage to happen (5-10%) and your items might look a little more "well loved" sooner rather than later.

How Does Your Sizing Fit?

We offer sizes 12-18m through 7. Most of our items are sized true to size for the "average" kid. Some items are designed to fit more snugly or more loosely depending on the design, but when in doubt we recommend sizing up so worst case, they'll grow into it. Check the listing for fit information and please reach out if you have any questions on specific items.

What is Pre-Order?

At times we offer some items only for pre-order. Pre-order means that your item is made to order once you've placed your order through the website; the order itself will take 1-2 weeks to prepare before shipping, depending on our current order volume. This allows us to better manage our inventory which reduces fabric and inventory waste - this is both more sustainable and helps keep item costs as low as possible: we try to make only what is needed and aim to minimize overstock. If you need your items by a specific date (birthday or family photos, etc.), please let us know and we can look into rushing the items for you.

What is Sustainability to Peanut and Bumble?

Sustainability is a huge umbrella term that encompasses so many different aspects of life and gets thrown around a lot. To us, making steps toward sustainability is how we can protect both the environment and human life. This means choosing fabrics with a lower environmental footprint (bamboo, cotton, lyocell, etc.), and trying to ensure everyone in the supply chain is paid a living wage with better than fair working conditions. We support local as much as possible - the majority of our fabrics, equipment, notions, packaging and tags are sourced from Calgarian or Canadian companies which is essential for keeping our economy healthy. The result of supporting sustainable and local initiatives is admittedly a higher cost than conventionally made clothing, but it's clothing we proudly stand behind in all aspects. We're so excited to have others interested in sharing these values, and we want to make it easy for you to source adorable, fashionable clothing that you can feel good about too!